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Ready to Graduate After Four Years with Diplomas Now

Four years ago, Stevaughn Dowdy was a tall – almost 5’11’’ – quiet, withdrawn freshman at The English High School in Boston. His mother had died unexpectedly, and he had to move in with his aunt. His charismatic cousin was pressing Stevaughn to join his powerful gang. Under extreme stress, Stevaughn responded by punching and breaking school windows, cutting class, and refusing to respond to adults’ questions. His report card had an F, three Cs and two Bs. He missed eight days of school and was late 22 times that year.

Today, as a senior, Stevaughn is still tall but he is captain of The English’s varsity football and basketball teams, has near perfect attendance, excellent behavior and had two Bs and five As, including an A+ on his report card. He is applying to four-year colleges. Stevaughn credits Diplomas Now, which has been operating at The English for four years, with helping him make the right decisions and get on track.

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