New York City Finds Success in Cutting Chronic Absenteeism in School

New Report Examines Impact of Truancy Task Force

Mentors, wake-up calls to students, incentives and weekly "student success" meetings led by principals helped New York City significantly cut chronic absenteeism in schools, according to a new report by the Everyone Graduates Center at The Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Diplomas Now employs some of the same strategies, especially mentors.

New Programs at Cardozo Give Students Extra Help to Get to College

Two new exciting programs are getting off the ground this fall to help more students at Cardozo Education Campus get extra help to get into college – and pay for it! The two programs – Strive for College and Scholarship America – are providing tools, coaching and resources to enable students to get into college, thanks to two new generous grants totaling $350,000 from the PepsiCo Foundation.

Summer Institute 2013: Learning from experience, building on successes

This year's Summer Institute included two days of workshops and sessions for Diplomas Now teams from across the country, including the new schools in Jacksonville, Fla., and a large contingent of principals who are partnering with Diplomas Now in their schools. This year, for the first time, Diplomas Now gave a series of 10 awards to exemplary staffers, schools and principals.

College Summit: An All-out Push for College at Five Diplomas Now Schools

Five Diplomas Now high school students have formed a strong partnership with the nonprofit College Summit, which is providing a curriculum and training to prepare students for college and careers. College Summit also is providing resources to help students apply to and enroll in colleges and is organizing events that promote a college-going culture.