Success Stories

Diplomas Now Students Blast Off for Space Camp

Eighth Graders from John Ericsson Middle Excited for Trip to Turkey

Six students from this environmental engineering magnet school are heading to Turkey later this month for space camp, one of three camps in the world run by NASA. The students are some of the top performers at the school and were selected for the trip due to their achievement.

Preparing Students for the World

Staci Hardy is Diplomas Now

Staci Hardy, a licensed social worker, is the Diplomas Now site coordinator at E. Washington Rhodes Middle School in North Philadelphia. “My job is to prepare these young people for the world,” Staci says. “I tell them, ‘You can’t control the life you were born into, but you can pave a path to your future.’ ”

“I’m a Product of Diplomas Now”

Darius Clay is Diplomas Now

Darius Clay earned his diploma in June as part of the first graduating class at Chicago Talent Development High School. "The proudest moments of my life have come through Diplomas Now," said Clay. "The impact that Diplomas Now has had on my life has been immeasurable. Honestly, without Diplomas Now, I might not be going to college.”

DNSI 2013

A Successful Summer Institute

Nearly 400 Diplomas Now staffers from across the country gathered in Baltimore in early July for two enriching days of workshops and sessions. In addition, Diplomas Now gave 10 awards to exemplary staffers and principals who always go the extra mile to keep students on track to graduate. Learn more about our award winners!

Principal of the Year

Diplomas Now Principal Named Principal of the Year

Aki Kurose Middle School’s Principal Mia Williams has been named Seattle Public Schools’ Principal of the Year. With this recognition, Diplomas Now has a Principal of the Year leading each of its partner schools in Seattle.

Spotlight on South High School in Columbus

South High, set in a community that is beset by high crime rates, has long suffered from a reputation of low achievement levels. But with the help of Diplomas Now, and Lewis’ leadership, more parents and community volunteers are excited to spend time at the school and with the students.