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Diplomas Now Boosts Tulsa High School’s Grad Rate and Helps Grieving Student Stay on Track

Successfully transitioning to high school can be daunting and difficult for any teenager. Students must make sense of a new school, a new schedule, and new people—all while managing harder classes and higher expectations. During this critical transition period, a student simultaneously confronting significant challenges at home might quickly slip through the cracks. But with the right support at school—and a bit of perseverance—even Read more »

Diplomas Now Aids Student Struggling To Help Support Family

When Noe Castro was 14, his parents split up, and he was floundering at Burbank High School in San Antonio. His mother’s health was poor, so Noe worked at a gas station until 2 a. m. to help support his family. Then, his grandmother died, adding more stress. Noe rarely paid attention in class and was failing several courses. With help from Burbank faculty Read more »

Diplomas Now Helps Student Thrive in New Middle School and Succeed in High School

As a freshman at Chief Sealth International High School, Angel Garcia-Castellanos earns As and Bs and attends school regularly. He plans to major in engineering in college and pursue a master’s in computer science at the University of Oregon. Angel’s current path is markedly different from the one he was on when he transferred to Denny International Middle School in Seattle in the 7th Read more »

Diplomas Now Helps a Family in Turmoil, a Girl Falling Behind and a School Once in Disarray

When Jocelyne Blas Cardona was a sixth-grader, high school seemed out of reach. She had Ds in math and English, acted out in class and often fought with other students. Her home life was in turmoil. Her teenage brother recently fathered a child, and her own dad was often absent. She was well on her way to suspension and failure when Diplomas Now helped Read more »

Queens Student Overcomes Major Family Health Challenge with Academic Triumph

Queens Student Overcomes Major Family Health Challenge with Academic Triumph

Ashley Rodriguez worried her father would never see her graduate from high school. In eighth grade, she learned he had cancer, and over the next few months, her father’s health quickly deteriorated as he underwent radiation treatments. Ashley put on a brave face at school, but her sleepless nights took a toll. When she entered Newtown High School in Queens five months after his diagnosis, Ashley was motivated to make something positive out of a negative situation. Diplomas Now helped her do just that.

This year, Ashley, 17, will graduate as one of the top students in her class—with both of her parents healthy, and proudly watching. In front of her: Acceptance letters from at least four colleges where she can study psychology, bringing her one step closer to her dream of becoming a police officer.

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