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On behalf of the PepsiCo Foundation, I am so pleased that we have been able to be a part of this wonderful and magnificent effort.

Larry Thompson - Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at PepsiCo

Anytime you have a program willing to come in and assist those kids that most people would toss to the side, I think that speaks volumes. I love it.

Gavin Lewis - Broadmoor Middle School Principal

I can tell [my Diplomas Now mentor] about any of my personal problems.  He’ll listen and he’ll help me get through it so I can come to school the next day.

Darvell Smith - Chicago Talent Development student

Diplomas Now is a critical partner for United Way USA as we ramp up to mobilize America around higher graduation rates.

Stacey D. Stewart - President of United Way USA

What I really, really liked about [Diplomas Now] is that they didn’t come in and try to say that we needed to do everything differently. They came to say, what can we do to enhance what you are doing here? How can we make it better?

Denise Charbonnet - Broadmoor Middle School Principal