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DNSI 2014

More than 250 adults from 15 cities convened in Baltimore for the sixth annual Diplomas Now Summer Institute where they explored their work in keeping kids on track to high school graduation. The event featured enrichment workshops and sessions, as well as thought-provoking discussions among dedicated individuals, several of whom were recognized for their exemplary contributions. Check out this year’s award winners!


ZeringueSchool Transformation Facilitator of the Year: Jennifer Zeringue of Capitol Middle School in East Baton Rouge. Always going above and beyond the call of duty, Jennifer has been described as the “heart of the school.” She is the epitome of a team player, and her passion comes across to everyone as she always makes time for students, teachers and fellow team members. She has impeccable organizational skills and a tenacity that is unsurpassed.



WorrellCity Year Program Manager of the Year: Mark Worrell of Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. Mark has always faced obstacles head-on with a “figure it out” attitude. He quickly and successfully built relationships around campus. He is described by colleagues as organized, pragmatic, thoughtful, reflective and an all-around awesome person. He has greatly strengthened City Year’s tutoring and after school programming and will continue to make great strides.



Communities In Schools Site Coordinator of the Year: Melanie Poulson of South High School in Columbus. Melanie has worked tirelessly to fill a major void at her school to support students through non-academic barriers. She constantly follows up with students, and has even devoted Saturdays to helping. One of her students wrote, “She opened my eyes to the fact that college can give me the ability to see and understand the world and make a difference in it. Without her one-on-one coaching and support, I don’t think I would have earned over $40,000 in scholarships and grants and been accepted to six colleges. People in the inner city just do not have the same starting point or opportunities as their counterparts. She has helped to level that playing field by providing academic support, a safe place to talk, or even just a helping hand to make a person’s life

ELA Instructional Coach of the Year: Sheryl Lew of Rhodes Middle School in San Antonio. Sheryl ensured that the corps members were prepared to help students in writing, and would frequently visit classrooms to assist teachers with instruction or writing assignments. She always has a smile on her face, and her positive energy has affected the school climate. She always goes the extra mile and will deliver at least five exciting ideas for any project or initiative, demonstrating her incredible creativity.

Math Instructional Coach of the Year: Patricia Hickman-Miller of Homestead High School in Miami. Patricia has been the anchor for Diplomas Now implementation for data, reflection and program evaluation. She is always willing to lend a hand and has been instrumental in helping teachers improve their craft. Her wisdom, expertise and team mentality make her an amazing person to work with and learn from.

Master Builder Award “Spirit of DN Award”: Paul Verstraete. Paul noticed a Paul Vdefinite need to identify students who were falling behind, and eventually learned that others had the same need. He developed and solved the need at his own school, and then shared it with other Diplomas Now sites. His Indicator and Intervention tracker is a highly replicable solution and has become a standard used throughout the network. He’s an extraordinary member of Diplomas Now and has truly transformed the way educators can respond to the challenge of keeping students on track for graduation.


sabinPrincipal of the Year: Mike Sabin of Dever McCormack Middle School in Boston. Mike is a true leader who always pushes his team to a higher standard every day. He is focused on long-term change for schools with a commitment to data for continuous improvement. Because of Mike’s hard-work, integrity and accessible leadership style, one of the partners said, “I have become a better partner, a better collaborator, I have become more efficient, and hold myself and my work to a higher standard.”


High School of the Year: Homestead High School in Miami. Homestead High Homestead HighSchool has jumped from a “D” school to a “B” school in just two years, demonstrating the team’s dedication to improvement. The Diplomas Now team, which is full of leaders, has worked together to assess student data and institute a robust EWI system and highly effective report card conferences. The DN team provides numerous staff recognition and creates incentives for both students and teachers.


Aki KuroseMiddle School of the Year: Aki Kurose Middle School in Seattle. Since its start with Diplomas Now six years ago, this Middle School of the Year has decreased behavior referrals by 62 percent and has increased attendance by 11 percent. They have implemented attendance competitions between grade levels and have also implemented a school-wide Early Warning Indicator system. Aki Kurose Middle School exemplifies a fully integrated Diplomas Now model in day-to-day school operation.


Site Team of the Year: Gage Park High School in Chicago. This Diplomas Now Gage Parkteam has remained dedicated and has become a positive influence for all students and staff, despite a multitude of climate and community obstacles. They aspire to improve every day by working together, while always welcoming feedback. They have implemented a successful EWI system and have prioritized engaging school leadership.

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