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clinton_web-3-of-8Diplomas Now partners with the school community to reorganize the schedule so each student at risk has caring adults and those adults have the tools to improve achievement. Working with administrators and teachers, a Diplomas Now team sets goals based on students’ attendance, behavior and course performance. They develop a strategic plan, implement an early warning system to identify struggling students and regularly review the data. Teachers and the Diplomas Now team craft individual student plans that include more math and English time and teacher teams with shared planning time.

For the neediest students, Diplomas Now helps form support groups and connects them with community resources, such as counseling, health care, housing, food and clothing.

Full-time young adults welcome students to school, call them if they don’t show up, and offer tutoring. They intervene to help resolve problems and celebrate positive behavior. After school, they help with homework and involve students in service and enrichment programs.

Diplomas Now started as a pilot with one 700-student middle school in Philadelphia in 2008-2009. Today, it serves approximately 26,000 students in 13 cities.

Early Warning Indicator Meetings

To strategically identify students exhibiting early warning indicators (EWI) of falling off track to graduate, Diplomas Now teams hold regular EWI meetings to discuss student progress, assess collected data and set a support plan in motion. Learn more about these meetings and see them in action by watching the video below.